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Subdivision of TechTastic

Edible tape that makes eating burritos easier

Nacho Claw is an easy to use mess free utensil made to eat handheld foods without your hands

Fork that extends with the click of a button

Fork that spins for food such as spaghetti 

A grill, toaster oven and coffee maker all in one (solar powered) perfect for things like camping!

Here at TasteTastic, a subsidiary of TechTastic, we provide products that help the consumer enjoy their food in an easier way at an affordable cost. The products we make are meant to be technological advances in the food industry, putting a smile on the customers face every time.

The TasteTastic Way

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Advanced Solutions

We here at TasteTastic strive to make the most effective and efficient products. We want to make food more satisfying with every bite that you take. 

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